Amazing Cunnilingus Stories and Facts

Royal Cunnilingus
An Empress of the Chinese T'ang dynasty, which ruled from AD683 to 705, decided that the act of fellatio promoted male supremacy, an idea abhorrent to a female who was the chosen of heaven. She decided that cunnilingus - or "licking the lotus stamen" - needed to be elevated to a position of primacy during sex, and so lead from the front by demanding oral sex from visiting diplomats and government officials. According to A. Edwardes & R. E. L. Masters in "The Cradle of Erotica", there are paintings of the Empress holding open her robes while men kneel between her legs and kiss her clitoris as a mark of obeisance and respect.

Perhaps the best part of this story is the Empress' name: Wu Hu.

Illegal Cunnilingus
Until as late as 1998, it was illegal to perform oral sex in the US state of Georgia. That state's sodomy laws defined the act as "any sexual act involving the sex organs of one person and the mouth or anus of another". This law was only repealed after one unfortunate man was sent to prison for 5 years for performing cunnilingus. Anthony Powell was acquitted of the rape of his ex-wife's niece, but in the course of the trial he told the court they had engaged in consensual oral sex. The judge then ordered the jury to try poor Anthony on the charge of "consensual sodomy". He was convicted and spent 14 months in prison, even while politicians were repealing the law under which he had been tried.

Nine years earlier another man spent over two years in prison for performing cunnilingus on his wife.

Ancient Cunnilingus
Historian Matthew Panciera has written about a mosaic at the ancient Roman baths at Ostia. The mosaic has an inscription which reads statio cunnulingiorum (oral sex station) below a raised bench. While other historians have dismissed the inscription as a Roman joke, Panciera believes it marks a place at the baths where male prostitutes performed cunnilingus for eager women. 

Apparently the average Roman man hated the idea of cunnilingus and would never think of performing it on his wife. Panciera says this means they would be unlikely to make a joke of it in the mosaic. Not to mention the fact that there was probably quite a demand for that kind of service from Roman women. Cunnilingus does not result in pregnancy and is a near-guarantee of female orgasm, so it was probably a profitable enterprise for the one or two men willing to do it. Panciera also believes the inscription may have served as a warning against men sitting down on the bench.

There's also evidence that such prostitution existed in the doomed city of Pompeii.

By the way, "cunnilingus" stems from Latin, cunnus meaning vulva, and lingus meaning tongue, or using the mouth.

Nearly Everyone Does It...
According to Kinsey's Sexual Behaviour in the Human Female, published in 1953, 54% of married women had experienced cunnilingus. Nearly 30 years later Masters and Johnson published Human Sexuality (1984), which reported that 93% of women had engaged in the act.

Sinful Cunnilingus
The Jehovah's Witnesses consider oral sex to be sinful. Their official site says: "We believe that, aside from those who have been indoctrinated with the view that 'in marriage anything goes,' the vast majority of persons would normally reject as repugnant the practice of oral copulation, as also anal copulation. If these forms of intercourse are not "contrary to nature," then what is?" Any form of oral sex is apparently perverting the "natural use of the female".

How Many Positions?
According to World Sex Records, someone called Legman has decided that there are 14,288, 400 positions for performing cunnilingus. Unfortunately, this man didn't go into detail into what all those positions were. (

It's In The Starr Report
The strong mint Altoids is recommended as an aid to cunnilingus. The menthol stimulates the wet membranes of the vulva and adds a tingling sensation to the experience. According to the Starr Report, Monica Lewinsky told President Clinton of this effect and, chewing an Altoid at the time, suggested they try it out. Clinton replied that he was too busy to have oral sex. Another missed opportunity occurred when Monica turned down Bill's offer of cunnilingus because she had her period. And so are the days of our lives...

* On Ponape, a South Pacific island, typical foreplay would involve a man placing a fish in his lover's vulva. He would then slowly lick it out. *
* On the island of Inis Beag near Ireland, sex education is non-existent. No-one has ever heard of cunnilingus and a female orgasm is considered to be deviant. *
* Meanwhile, on the island of Mangaia in the South Pacific, 13 year old boys are taught cunnilingus by an older woman, and trained to bring a woman to orgasm at least twice before he has his own orgasm. *
* Bonobo chimps are the only animal known to give cunnilingus.

* From the book by Janet Shibley Hyde, Understanding Human Sexuality

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