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Cunnilingus Video 1

Sunday mornings are always good for sleeping in. Dorety is comfy in her pajamas but Bobby isn't interested in snoozing. His good looks and sensual kisses prove too irresistable. Before long he is nestled between her thighs, his soft tongue probing her folds...
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Soft pajamas and a comfortable bed give way to an even softer tongue...
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Cunnilingus Video 2

Tiffany and Gary go away for a romantic and sexy getaway at a hotel. Alone at last, they kiss passionately. His lips find her nipples and he sucks, hungrily. His tongue moves down her body to her wet pussy and he licks her for a long time, her pleasure building...
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A romantic getaway at a hotel leads to a long session of luscious licking
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Cunnilingus Video 3

Beautiful porn star Sugar loves to have her pussy licked and Brad is on hand to do the honours. In this artistic and colorful video, Sugar opens her legs and enjoys the eager ministrations of her partner as he licks her cunt. Includes behind-the-scenes footage...
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Cunnilingus Video 4

It's late at night and the gym is deserted which provides a perfect opportunity for Arial and her lover Jake to get down and dirty. She lies back on the bench, opens her legs and moans with joy as Jake kisses her thighs and then sucks and licks her clit...
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Cunnilingus Video 5

Ched and Catherine come home from a night out on the town, both of them feeling incredibly horny. He gives her a sensual massage before peeling off her clothes and diving happily into her cunt, expertly licking her clit. The pair then share a 69...
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The perfect end to a night out is a guy going down on his girl
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Cunnilingus Video 6

Tom knows there's more than one way to lick a woman's cunt. After kissing Crystal passionately he gets her onto all fours and eases aside her panties. He then dives face first into her cunt and ass, licking her clit, labia and butt with glee...
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Get on your knees baby. I want to lick you from behind...
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